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Our Suppliers

Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with many great cabinetmakers, craftsman, contractors and suppliers.
It has given us an opportunity to build a strong network that can support our level of quality.


Our stores showcase a curated selection of faucets, sinks, tile and flooring to granite, marble and quartz countertops.

Our personalized service combined with the extensive selection of well priced materials your project simply feels easier to handle. We take pride in your success. Our ethos is to provide you the best possible solutions for your projects on your determined budget.


Our countertop devision is just as lean. We partner up with top end suppliers and installers to finish each job seamlessly.

The most essential rule in countertops is quality...we respect it greatly. Use quality products to get quality results. There are many impersonators out there today, this is why we only use the best.

When it comes to cabinetmaking, our team simply shines. We have done our homework. Our network is poised to build to our standards; Quality is number one.


We use locally sourced craftsman, Canadian made cabinets, and top of the line German hinges that are guaranteed a lifetime.

We believe in quality; and settle for nothing less. It is your home, and we know how important it is to get jobs done right - Our job is to help you get it.

Let's create something beautiful.

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